Monday, August 23, 2010

7 years ago...

7 years ago, after a week of 'IM'ing each other, Jeremy and I coordinated our first date. He met me at my house around 8, I had blond hair (some fake) in a pony tail, he had on a tight 'White Drugs' (record label) shirt. I was nervous, he was cool. We decided that the British Open Pub would be the perfect place, not to fancy, pretty casual. He'll tell you I talked real fast, I'd say that he confused the crap out of me when he said, 'Hey, my friend Vince is in a HOT BODY contest tonight at Coyote Bay Night Club, you want to go check it out'. We did. After our brief stint at CBNC we made our way back to the pub and stayed there all night. Back at my house we talked till 2am, went out for Filbertos, and then back to my house where we ate and talked till the sun came up. We said our goodbyes and the rest is history.
We tell each other almost everyday how lucky we feel and every year now, the day before our son's birthday we like to celebrate the day that we had our first date.

{my lover, driving to the BOP}

{british open pub}

{take 1}

{take 2}

{take 3}

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