Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanksgiving day bike ride 2011

i guess it was actually labor day last year when we got the bikes out and went for a ride around my parents neighborhood, but either way, we had fun re-creating our photos from that day last year.

i probably should have used the bathroom before we left because i almost peed my pants on at least 3 occasions. From chasing down rogue deer, my inability to kick my bike up like a bad ass 'bmx'er AND my inability to lift a bike up over my head, i came a little too close to having to run into the desert to 'water the cactus'.

here's what we got out of our photo shoot. jeremy's face in the last 4 pictures cracks me up, he was REALLY getting in to the shot. I literally had to pretend i was an actor for the 'over the head' bike pics, i had a job to do and i could not let the crew down by giggling and peeing. guess it helped because i even managed to get the bike over my head AND stand on one leg! ha!

'so i put my right foot on the pedal and my left foot, where? what?'

when you see me start to fold in half like this while i'm laughing, chances are, i'm about to pee.

all right, this works. just like last year!

again with the bike trick, maybe if joshua wedges a rock under my wheel it will didn't.

say cheese...

if you see me fold up into this position, there's no doubt about it, i'm about to pee.

mid fold...consumed with laughter.

heck ya, we did it! jenny gets a super star A for effort. our bikes were insanely heavy.

my inner yogi and jeremy's inner metal dude take over.

***and seester! what a difference a camera makes, huh? so much better than last year!***