Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh my gosh. How I miss riding my bike. It's been a long summer and I am more than ready for the desert to cool off so I can hop back on my bike and ride around town.

This past Sunday, after we finished dinner, Jeremy & I rode some old bikes (my old bike...that I miss) around Yarnell with Jenny & Joshua.

The sunset was incredible so we stopped to snap a few pictures. This is what transpired...

me: Let's take tough bike guy pictures
jeremy: Ya! Go like this!
me: uh....

me: not gonna happen, I can barely touch the ground let alone toss the front of the bike up in the air
meanwhile, Jeremy's still workin' his cool 'trick'

So, I couldn't do the trick, but I could prop myself up on my tip toes and try to look cute.

How about a normal one... but what the heck happened to the sunset?!

There it is.

note: Seester, we need to get you a new camera. Although mine does a similar thing without a flash, what's with the pixely pics.

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