Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February is the shortest month of the year and it certainly felt that way this year, for sure. The holidays are over, my birthday came and went and now February, poof, gone. Luckily, aside from being sick for the umpteenth time this year, February was a really good month.

Espen's school had a mailbox set up in the office the week before Valentine's day where parents could drop off cards or notes to their kids that would hand delivered to the students in their classroom. Here's what I made for Espen. He didn't think it was as cool as I did. Oh well...



I got a wacko idea that I would hand make all 9 of the girls in Espen's class Valentine's and little barrettes. It took me forever, but it was totally worth it, they turned out so cute. The boys in the class just got Bakugan cards and chocolates, sorry boys.




Mom!! Come look at me....Fancy hat, dude.


On a Friday we decided to let Espen take the day off of school so he could join us on a motor home adventure to Quartzsite. I forgot how much fun motor homes are! And the best part (or maybe the worst part) was that I got to bring my laptop/phone and was able to work comfortably at the 'dinette' while flying down the highway. So cool.


After a few hours of driving we finally arrived and my sister and I were unleashed in a giant warehouse filled with all of the stones, gems and jewelry findings you could ever imaging. I found a lovely 'diamond', wouldn't it make such a lovely ring?

While Seester and I scoured the warehouse the kids with Grandma & Grandpa's help stayed busy digging for dinosaurs.


Oh my gosh, such pretty little things are going to be made by Block & Battaglia with all of this loot. Can't wait. I've already made a couple of beautiful drop earrings.


I spent a lot of time in bed with these two guys, not feeling well=naps, naps, naps.


Sunday at the park, probably not the best thing for me...being outside and riding a bike depleted my energy but the boys had fun.



It was SO nice to be able to go for a bike ride, come on Spring, we're waiting!


Man, I snapped this at THE perfect time...love it.


Jeremy & his fake smile, at least he tried and his tongue isn't sticking out.

Au revoir February...it's been fun.