Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4 years

Months ago, for reasons unknown to me, Espen requested a Christmas birthday party. I think it's because at some point I mentioned another pool party like last year and he must of thought no, let's do the complete opposite. As the months went on he'd still periodically mention the Christmas theme...that is how we came to have Christmas in August.

I'd like to take a moment to thank my beautiful friends and loving family, we had so much fun on Espen's birthday, it just would not have been the same without you.

From having the pool completely to ourselves, to jeremy making a mad dash in the morning to grab the balloons that I forgot, to the wacky Christmas cake and gifts wrapped in Santa's and snowballs-Espen's 4th birthday party was a huge success.

So many photos were taken and I'm sorry, I'm going to share about 40 of them...for now, I'll start with the day through my eyes/camera.

{so cute}
{mama!! in the pool!!}
{nerds talking about true blood}
{espen hiding from the camera}
{up in the air}
{papa, an orca & a smoke, 'nuf said}
{caribbean cooler?}
{INWL-Improvised noodle water launcher}
{i couldn't resist, this is my dad XO}
{blurry balloon/birthday boy}
{heck yes, christmas cake}
{i cut those trees down myself}
{what happen's when your cake gets a huge crack? you fill it with icing}
{uh, woops}
{time foe bed birthday boy}

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