Monday, August 9, 2010

espen's first day of school

While I write this Espen is hopefully having a good time at school. It's the first time he's ever been without a friend/family member yet around other kiddos.

This morning was a breeze. We've did some dry runs throughout the last week so we kind of new what to expect this morning in terms of timing. I made Espen's lunch last night, a PB&J by request along with Triscuts, grapes, string cheese and a juice box. I also laid out his outfit last night so we wouldn't be scrambling for missing shoes/socks/underwear. (somehow we lose those A LOT!)

My alarm went off at 6:30 and when it did Espen popped up for a minute and asked 'Am I going to school RIGHT NOW?'...No buddy, go back to sleep. I couldn't tell if he was excited, scared or dreaming.

We bolted out the door and headed to the school to find the streets jam packed with cars, kids and parents. Espen asked if he could wear his back pack, I put it on him and right away he asked me to take it off, that sucker was heavy.

When we got to the classroom there were already tons of kids and parents in there, some were crying, parents had their cameras out as did we. Espen found his desk and immediately began to eyeball some little boys crowded around tubs of Legos.  We told him to go play with them but of course he said no. Jeremy knelt down next to the boys and asked if Espen could play. They said yes and ever so cautiously Espen approached the bins, without making a full commitment he squatted down and began to build a spaceship/car/machine. After about 5 minutes he finally took a huge leap and sat down. Jeremy and I were watching from across the room and smiled when he sat down, kind of like we were reassured that he would be okay here without us.

The bell rang and the teacher rounded the kids up to the front of the room, they sang a song, held hands, formed a circle and sat down...all except Espen. He stood there for a moment and when I went over to tell him it was okay to join his teacher notice and stepped right in, telling him that she wanted him to sit with her and just like that he did. So while he sat beside his teacher, leaning in her lap I gave him a kiss, grabbed some tissues and walked out the door. In less than an hour I get to pick him up...and do it all over again tomorrow till he learns how to drive. UGH!








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jenny block said...

yay for espen we are so proud of you (and your mommy)! the pictures are priceless.