Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday Night in LA

Part of the reason why we went to LA a couple of weeks ago was so that Jeremy could see Portal in Compton. Instead of making it a whirlwind trip on his own we decided to all go out and make a weekend of it. Matt & Katy were kind enough to let us stay at their place. I love their home, it is precious. Built in the 20's, it shows it's age in the most amazing ways. Layers of paint, doors that stick, original 'this & that's', wood floors and niches in the walls. I love it. They have an amazing front yard with tons of grass and the back yard is filled with flowering plants. I think it's a pretty quintessential LA home.

Our drive out there was easy breezy but we were a bit behind schedule so once we arrived Jeremy and Matt headed for Compton and Katy, Espen and I headed for the back yard. I ate almost an entire wheel of brie, drank a ton of wine and watched Katy and Espen run around the yard drawing pictures and at one point she had Espen surprise me with a bouquet of flowers that he picked from around their garden. We were up so late, Espen started to grow restless. We ended up inside and tried to make Espen a fort out of couch cushions and Katy read him a story that we were sure would put him to sleep but instead he became so amped up that he and I had to call it a night and retreat into our room were he could sit in bed with the lights off and unwind before crashing. Katy is such a gracious host and SO GOOD with Espen which I totally appreciate.



{matt & katy's weird roommate}



{why does espen look like he's 18 in this picture}

{yes, katy made that for him}


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