Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taking the day off...kind of.

Thursday was the first day after leaving my job at Great American Title and right away I went to work training with the twins. The girls let me tag along on a listing appointment in Scottsdale in the morning. The appointment itself only last a couple of hours and the only other thing I had planned on doing that day was getting my lock-box key so once that was done I had the afternoon to hang out with Jeremy and Espen. We took a walk to Coffee Bean and over to the civic center to roll down some hills. We had the whole afternoon and evening to play and relax before we headed off to California the following day. I tried to take full advantage of it since starting Monday I will be focusing a ton of time and energy in to real estate.


{thanks espen for this cute picture}


{this is what awaits me on monday...thanks christie for my 3 dozen roses}

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