Friday, May 28, 2010

saturday afternoon in LA

The boys woke up slightly hungover from the night before so Katy and I were outside enjoying the California sun & eating grapes with Espen when the joined us outside. After a bit of recouping we decided to head downtown to get some delish Mexican food from the Grand Central Market, what better way to cure a hangover.

First we stopped by Georges place to tour his amazing home (which is for sale, wish I could afford it). So to say that his place is 'cool' is an understatement. At one point I had to let him know that his place, to be honest, was almost too cool. I mean, it's a huge open loft with with with views of Pershing Square, guitars and amps, gadgets and books...vintage toys an old mach meter from gutted out old plane. His home is beautiful, I'd move there in a heart beat.

We ran up to the roof to check out the views but didn't stay long since we were all starving. When we made it to Grand Central I was immediately overwhelmed. I had Espen with me and there were people everywhere and all of the food looked AMAZING, although they all looked the same. Tostadas and tacos all sort of look the same after a while. I ended up eating some of the best tacos I've ever had. We finished up just in time to head back to Matt & Katy's neighborhood where Katy & I treated ourselves to mani/pedis and fit in a nap before we headed over to Marc & Busy's for dinner.












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