Saturday, April 3, 2010

alone on a friday night

Jeremy is out of town and has been texting me updates from the various places he's been to in L.A. He's done a lot in the short time that he's been there. I on the other hand have done a whole lotta nothin' except for listen to Espen from the other room who has been talking in his sleep. Something about wolves and sharp paws. I think I know why. I'll be posting about that later. I've also been doing a whole lotta this:
Photo 2039
{what's in the cup?}

Judging by the time and the cup itself it would be safe to assume that I have been sipping on coffee but no, I've been sipping on cheap wine from a coffee cup because I am lazy and don't feel like doing the dishes.

I'm excited to get to work on a project I've been planning since last summer but have finally gotten around to actually completing.

If it goes well I will have pictures up soon, if not...I'll probably cry a little.

night night.

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Twins & Co. said...

Look at your long locks, Zooey. ;)