Friday, April 2, 2010

our new old chair

While my parents were in the process of purchasing the cabin a couple of years ago my mom had emailed me a few pictures. The upstairs area was cluttered with all sorts of strange things but one item caught my eye. I called my mom and asked her if the seller's were willing to include said item with the home. The seller's agreed and hauled everything off except for the beat up, worn, tattered but totally fabulous Plycraft Lounge Chair.


My dad brought it down just a couple of days ago and I picked it up from my sister's house late last night, while Jeremy and Espen were finishing up foosball and sausages at a friends house I lugged the beastly chair upstairs and in to our bedroom.

I took the cushion off of the back yesterday and was amazed at how easy it was and also by how simple it looks to reupholster! The wood will need to be sanded and re-stained and the leather will need to be replaced so now we have to figure out what color leather to use. I’m not a big fan of the black leather version. The white is way to stark. Jeremy and I both thought cream would be a good fit for the chair and our home. I stumbled upon these two photos this morning while trying to get ideas.

{photo from Mandi’s blog}

Okay, this photo I didn’t just stumble upon. I’ve been following this blog for a while now. I've written about this girls home before and how much I just love it. I knew she had the same chair so I immediately went to her sight to look up a photo. Wouldn’t you know…I love the color. Not too creamy not to tan. Close to perfect for our place if you ask me. So, not only do I love the color of the chair in this photo but, (this is weird and internet nerdy of me, see if you can follow)DesignSponge ‘tweeted’ yesterday about a story she found on Rebranding Playboy, after reading the story (which was REALLY interesting, go read it) I started poking around the site, starting at Scott’s portfolio page. I clicked on his print work and stopped at the first image for about 10 minutes. Everything about it I loved from the colors to the dimensions to the way the blue in the background fades into the boys headphones. I was instantly transported to Baranca Elementary school sitting in front of those weird old computers. I googled for a good 15 minutes or so trying to find out anything about the computer to see if it was the one I remembered. I somehow got stuck on a site with a history of computers. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen a couple of tweets that were inspired from what I was reading in the timeline. Anyway, back to the poster…so I email a copy of the poster to Jeremy as well as a link to this site and told him I was in love. I had to stop myself from shelling out $65 right then and there for it. Did you notice the poster in the photo from Mandi’s website. It’s the freakin’ poster. Less than 24 hours later the poster came into my life and in one of my favorite bloggers home! Weird, right? The chair, you see the chair a lot…it’s a pretty popular style, but the little poster in the background. WEIRD.

{photo: here}

Now this photo I did just stumble upon. Again, similar color not to light or dark. I think this is the look we will go for. Not much else to say about this photo since I didn’t research bricks or cows yesterday, hardy har.

I put the chair in our room last night next to our new dresser…this morning when Jeremy was scrambling around trying to find a pair of jeans he asked me, ‘how am I supposed to open these drawers?’. Ha, looks like I put it next to our new dresser but right in front of our old one. It was late, I was tired, I guess I didn’t think the placement through. Now the huge chair is on the other side of the dresser right as you walk in, bam! I don’t care, I love it.

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Mandi Johnson said...

haha how coincidental! I love little things like that. No problem using my photo, but thanks for asking! :)