Monday, April 5, 2010

no good face paint.

Espen loves it when I draw animal faces on him with my make up so naturally I bought Espen a 'Face Painting' kit from Joann's on Friday night. Fun, right? No. It was terrible. It wasn't really face paint as it was decals that you rub on your skin but if you aren't perfectly careful, and how can you be applying it to a 3 year old, it gets everywhere. Espen wanted to try out the clown, puppy, wolf & cat, which he refers to as 'wild cat'.

This was the outcome.



{puppy spots}

So, not only was this stuff impossible to put on, but it was even harder to remove. I still have some on my arm that I can't get off.

Oh well, at least the happy meal box/viking helmet worked for him.


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