Thursday, March 4, 2010

wednesday fun day


I picked Espen up from the park yesterday, he was there with my mom, my sister and her kids. The boys fed ducks and rode their bikes around finally ending up at the playground.



These two are pretty good at rock climbing, I was a little shocked. Kids have no fear, it's awesome.


Instead of heading home Espen and I went over to my sisters so that I could play hairdresser. I snipped hair while the boys goofed off.

-boys will be boys-

-what a good little buddy-

After the haircutting and digging was done, my sister cooked us dinner and Joshua, the bartender, made me an Orange Margarita! Thanks Jenny & Joshua!


While my sister was finishing up in the kitchen I played with little 'Baberham'. Abe let me stick olives on his fingers, I was able to get to pictures before he gobbled them up.


Dinner was delicious! Espen was obviously a happy camper. Joshua even made him a glass of orange juice with salt on the rim, just like mommy's margarita. haha!


After stuffing our faces we headed home. Espen fell asleep in the car and luckily stayed asleep when I put him in bed. I shoved an earbud in my ear and fell asleep listening to the sweet melody of conversational Norwegian.

Ha det bra!

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Gail said...

That was a fun time at the park! I can't believe he stayed up so late after saying he was going to go to sleep on Jen's sofa when he got to her house!