Wednesday, March 3, 2010

they grow up way too fast


I called Desert Song to sign Espen and I up for Child/Parent yoga this weekend. The girl who took the call asked Espen's age and I blurted out, 'Almost 4'. Now I know his birthday is not for another 5 months but still, to say it out loud felt funny. How can he possibly be almost 4, that's practically 6 years old and 6 years old is OLD to me for kids.

So when I got to my sisters house for lunch I had another OMG 4 year old moment. I made a comment about how cute Espen looked in his SpiderMan shirt and then I remembered something. I remembered cracking up with Allison when Espen was just a teeny tiny guy, at the Spiderman shirt she bought him. She had told me on the phone that she didn't have any idea what size to get him so she bought the smallest. The smallest size was literally a Small/Chico. Ha. At the time he was wearing probably 12-18 months and only now is he fitting in to 3T jeans. I told Allison that I would keep the shirt for when he's older...well, I guess today he's older.

I asked Espen a few days ago if he wanted a pool party again for his birthday this year and he said no...he wants a Christmas party, with Christmas trees, snow and presents. Haha! We may just have to throw a Christmas in August pool party.

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