Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cream cheese chicken with a side of sorcery

I have found a few yummy recipes on DisneyFamily.com and last nights Cream Cheese Chicken & Broccoli was no exception. It's intended to be a Crock Pot meal, but I was in a hurry last night so I just made it on the stove.


I started out with some olive oil and chicken in a pan with Italian dressing mix. I hate to touch uncooked chicken so this time I let the chicken cook a bit before I cut it into chunks. I also took the onion outside on the front porch to chop it since the last time I cut an onion in the house I nearly lost my vision. From there I just tossed all of the ingredients in...the soup, the onion, the sherry (oh the sherry, so good). The only thing I left out were the mushrooms because I think they're gross and I waited till the end to add the broccoli. Ooh that bag of broccoli, it was one of those 'microwave in the bag' types but I didn't realize it until after 3 minutes of struggling to get it open and then slicing it open with a knife. Only then did I read the package where it says in bold 'DO NOT PUNCTURE THE BAG'. Hardy har bag of broccoli, you got me.


I could've eaten the entire pan full of sauce on my own, it was SO GOOD but instead I decided to share some with Jeremy and Espen. We cooked up some noodles and to the plate it went.


Can you guess who's drinking what?

In the end this dinner was amazing although next time we'll do less chicken, maybe cut a bit smaller as well and add some fresh garlic to the mix...and I'd skip the noodles all together, Ha!

Last night Jeremy put on one of the two movies he saw at the MadCap Theater this weekend, a lovely little film called Stunt Rock featuring the band Sorcery. If you want to see the trailer click here. I'm not sure which movie was better, our Sunday night movie Death Race 2000 or last nights Stunt Rock. Both were equally as horrible but amazing at the same time. If you ever have the chance to watch them you must, they are that bad/good.



Just for the heck of it:
Jeremy just sent me this picture from Sunday, it pretty much sums up our day. I'm a bit bummed that I look like such a goof but seriously, how cute is Espen, who crawls on your back and lays down to watch TV, really.



Twins & Co. said...

Um...what is that wine?! I need some layer cake!!!! You are a domestic diva! :)

The Residents of the 600 Square Foot Home said...

Layer Cake was recommended to me by the wine girl at Safeway. I told her I like Shiraz and I picked it over two others that she pointed out because I've always wanted to read the book Layer Cake, but would settle for drinking wine with the same name. Yum. It's on sale till Sunday. Go get some.