Monday, March 1, 2010

keepin' it simple

Turns out Sunday was the complete opposite of Saturday. The weather was cloudy and rainy. We didn't step foot outside. We laid around in bed and watched all 2 hours of men's classic cross-country skiing and of course the hockey game. I think we ended up eating breakfast around 11 and lunch around 4, Espen slept through dinner. It was such a lazy day we decided on a no-thrills but super delicious cheesy egg & potato breakfast, one of my faves.

I had Espen's leftovers from Saturday night, I'm sorry if you wanted to see a picture of a huge hot dog wrapped in a deep fried tortilla and french fries in a styrofoam box but unfortunately I did not get one. Ha!

What I did get a picture of was my bizarre idea for dip for chicken tenders. I ate way too many cake balls and wasn't too hungry so chicken tenders was our pick for a late night dinner/snack. I scoured the fridge for something different to eat with the chicken and before I knew it I had poured some maple syrup in a bowl with mustard. It was SO yummy, even Jeremy liked it. It was almost just like the brown sugar/mustard mix my mom makes for ham or a weird honey mustard. Seriously, try this, equal parts mustard and syrup. Mmm mmm.


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