Sunday, February 28, 2010

what weekends are made for

Today was one of those perfect days, the kind where most of the plans you make happen and those that you didn't plan on work out equally as good if not better.

The plan was Cake Balls and meeting up with my family. I was up pretty early, early enough to go to the store and start on Cake Balls by 11am. Tricia and her sister were going to meet up with Jeremy at the Farmer's Market but those plans got nixed and the girls ended up at the mall. I was supposed to meet my family somewhere between 1-4, but by 12:30 my family was still in my sisters hood and Tricia and her sister were heading to our place to meet up with Jeremy. The next thing you know, Jeremy, Tricia, her sister and our boys were heading out for a walk/bike ride on one of the most beautiful days we've seen in a while. Off we went to the park and by this time I think meeting up with the family was not going to happen.

Jeremy & Espen got to the park before us slow-walkin', chatterboxin' girls arrived and we got there just in time for Time Out.


The park is not place for Time Out. The park is for...


Digging holes with Dad


Standing in holes that your dad helped you dig


Laughing at Aunt Tricia after she flings a shovel full of sand on her


For taking naps in the sun


Or discussing park appropriate attire (Jeremy's shirt sure is a hit at the park)


Or for taking tons of pictures of you and your lover

It was so gorgeous out that none of us wanted to head home, we wanted coffee!

We walked to Starbucks for our fix, we've lived here for a year and just realized how close the nearest Starbucks is to us and a pit stop at the park makes it feel even closer.


{photo by Espen}

On the way home from getting coffee I got a hold of my mom just when she was trying to get a hold of me to let us know that they were on there way over and wanted to know if we wanted to go get some dinner. I was so happy, not only did I get to see Tricia and her man Jack again today, but we got to see her sister as well (These sister's are HILARIOUS)...I may not have been able to meet up with my sisters family but I did get a chance to see my parents still, FUN. My parents let me pick the restaurant since we were in my neighborhood but my dad said he was craving meat. My mom mentioned Mexican food and just like that, we were at Los Olivos. Ha.

We had a delicious meal and some hilarious conversations. And once again my dad and I realized even more things that we have in common. This time it was me suggesting that I won't be ordering food for Espen in restaurants anymore since half the time he doesn't eat it...just like my dad did to me on an infamous trip to Mami Leoni's in Little Italy NY when I was 9. Hahah! We also got a kick out of our sunglasses hooked on our shirts and our electronic cigarette that we had out after dinner.


Can you believe I haven't smoked since January and my dad hasn't smoked since he got his E cig a couple of weeks ago. Amazing.

Oh, and one last thing about dinner, well 2 things. The same host from the night before sat us in the bar area again and I once again had to ask if we could sit in the restaurant side, duh! Our waitress heard me ask Espen if he wanted the same thing he had the night before so when we left she said 'thanks, see you soon' to my parents and 'see you tomorrow' to me. Ha!

Before Espen went to bed tonight we talked about how much fun we had today and said that now we are going to have to find something even better to do tomorrow, if it's possible.

**Disclaimer-I am dead tired and don't have the energy to proof read my ramblings tonight in case some of this does not make sense.


Twins & Co. said...

Yay for not smoking! Congratulations to you and your poppa!

Gail said...

We were so glad we could finally hook up with you guys yesterday. We had so much fun! And that picture of you and your Dad is priceless! (You look beautiful in it BTW)