Friday, March 5, 2010

best crock pot recipe so far - provençal lemon and olive chicken

Disney Family once again has included another fabulous Crock Pot recipe on their site. No joke, this was unbelievably good.

I got home from work by 5:30 last night which left me 30 minutes to prep the food, change out of my work clothes and head over to my hair appointment. I decided to make Provençal Lemon and Olive Chicken . Yum. I raced around the kitchen(and outside to cut onions) cutting up chicken, dumping in spices, slicing lemons, pulling out seeds and boiling up some broth.

I set the Crock Pot on high and ran out the door at 6:06 and arrived at my appointment just in time. Everytime I see Roberto for a haircut we always end up talking about movies and TV shows, especially the obscure ones. He'll mention some far off film and I'll tell him how I have seen it 10 times and then I'll mention one and he'll tell me how he has the soundtrack to it on his iPod. He even knew Death Race 2000.

After a quick trim I was on my way home. Jeremy finished giving a make up exam and had to pick Espen up from his parents house, which worked out well. The food was supposed to cook in the crock pot for 3-3.5 hours on high so we wouldn't be able to eat it till after 9:00 anyway. After chatting with his folks, Jeremy didn't end up getting home till 9, perfect. Espen was out like a light when they got home so we tucked him in and went straight for the Crock Pot.


Holy cow, this was AMAZING. Seriously. I was squawking and yelping after every bite, I think Jeremy was a bit annoyed, ha. Like everything I make in the 'Pot' I would do some minor tweaking the ingredients on the next go round. I'd probably add a bit more onion, chicken broth and olive juice and use less salt. I'd also pull the lemons out of it before stirring it all together which they don't tell you to do in the recipe. We ate it out of bowls like a soup almost, but I think serving it over rice, like they pictured it on Disney Family would help out with the saltiness.

This was one of my favorite Crock Pot recipes so far and I'll definitely be making it again, soon.

Make this tonight, seriously. Make it.

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Twins & Co. said...

This looks so yummy and easy. I love crock pots! I wonder if I can make a vegan version with mock chicken...I'm on a mission to make regular recipes with mock-meat. I'll let you know how it turns out!