Friday, March 5, 2010

forstår du norsk?

It's been 4 days since I started listening to Pimsleur-Learn Norwegian to and from work and now I can have a 2 minute long conversation about a whole lot of nothin' with someone in Norwegian. I'm sure this will come in handy one day. You never know the next time you'll see a Norwegian in Arizona so you should be prepared to say 'Hello, Excuse me. Are you Norwegian? Do you understand English? I understand a little Norwegian but don't speak Norsk very well. You speak English quite well. How are you doing? I'm just fine thanks. Where is Parliament Street or Dramen Road? Oh, it is over there, no, it is here. Thanks, Goodbye.’…and I can say all of it. Ha.

God dag, unnskyld. Ar du Norsk? Forstår du Engelsk? Jeg forstår lite Norsk men jeg snakker ikke Norsk meget bra. Du snakker Engelsk ganske bra. Hvordan har du det? Bare bra, takk. Hvor er Storting Gate or Dramensveien? Oh, det er der borte, nei, det er her. Ha det bra.

This weekend I am going to make vocabulary flash cards and I ordered Espen and I Paddington's Tutti Frutti Søndag from someone in Norway. I need to have Jeremy look for some Norwegian kid songs, I think that's a great way to help learn a foreign language...well at least pronunciation.

I'd like to learn enough to where Jeremy and I can kind of sort of have real conversations, so I'll keep up with the audio lessons (I even keep an ear bud in my ear at night with Pimsleur playing), reading Jeremy's Ny I Norge text book from ASU and work on my vocabulary.

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