Monday, March 22, 2010

sunday funday

Seriously, Sunday's are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. I used to loath Sundays because even though it is still the weekend you know that it's the last day before the work week begins which would make me kind of angry at Sunday. How dare you exist to lead me into a week of bleh. Lately this has all changed. It has to be the weather. It's so nice out you can't stand to be inside for too long and yesterday we did our fair share of walking around and enjoying the day.

Before we did anything we ate breakfast burritos! Delish.

I was grossed out by the large potato skin that I found while cleaning up...Jeremy told me that if I continue to tan during the summer that my skin will look like this when I'm old. Ha!

{gross. my 'potato skin'}

Tricia & Jackson came over around 1pm and off we went to the Civic Center.

FW: 4

{I thought this was funny}

Old Town Scottsdale was filled with people on Sunday. Tourists taking pictures of the Carriage Ride Horses with their hoofs painted with glitter, and looking in the windows of the art galleries and jewelry stores, getting in the way of our strollers, but I didn't mind. It was so nice to see people everywhere we looked. Except for the young couple making out (among other things) in the grass. Ha.

We made a B-line for Starbucks. Espen was fascinated by his 'snack'. Pureed fruit in a weird squeezy bag type thing. It was like an apple sauce drink.


The people watching in Starbucks was in full affect. We saw everything from a gauzy white mini dress with black unders and ratted blonde hair to shiny spandex pants with lace trim to skin tight leggings and cowboy boots. It was ON!

After a stroll back through old town we decided to settle down for a bit. We found a tree near the huge hill by the library which Espen enjoyed rolling & running down.



Our little friend Jack got his first tooth this weekend.
{i love this little boy, he's SO cute!}

{espen & his mom, Roy Orbison}

{la la la lazy Sunday}


{preparing for a game of chicken}

{not a fair fight but a fun one}

We ended up over at the library for a little bit. Espen wanted to put on a puppet show but there was some strange not so little boy putting on a rather creepy puppet show by himself, so we steered clear till he left. Then Espen had his turn at the stage...he didn't really put on a puppet show. Instead it turned into a toss the puppets through the stage onto Jack type of show.




After our walk we said our goodbyes to Tricia & Jack who are heading back home to Chicago this week. Next time they're coming back is in the summer so I'm sure we'll have more weekends to play with the kiddos and beat the heat in the pool!

Later in the day Espen and I took a nice nap and woke up around dinner time. We ate some leftovers and then decided to take another walk to through the Civic Center. They had a concert in the grass on the hill near the library. Jeremy oddly enough had some of the Brazilian musicians music at home so he wanted to hear it live and we both wanted to check out the atmosphere at the concert. Next month, although it is much to expensive and we will be out of town, Elvis Costello is playing there. How much fun would it be to walk 5 minutes down the street to see him play...I'm bummed we won't be around to hear his music from our house.

Looking back, the nap may not have been the best idea. Jeremy and I ended up staying up till 1am last night. It was either because the nap was too long or I just didn't want yesterday to end.

I thought one of the pictures from Sunday looked familiar.
We look kinda old now, crazy what 3 years can do to a person.

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