Tuesday, March 23, 2010

another breakfast burrito night.

After work Espen and I took a trip to someone’s house so I could bargain with a seller over a dresser on craigslist. It wasn't very difficult, the seller was actually very cool and we will now have some much needed additional storage in our bedroom on Thursday. I can't wait.  On the way up there Espen was crying his eyes out that he had to 'GO POTTTTY' but what were we supposed to do, we were in the HOV lane on the 51 during rush hour. I told him to hang in there but that didn't stop him from crying all the way to the 101 at Cave Creek. I told him I would pull over as soon as I could and when I pointed out a dirt road to our right he finally calmed down...and then, there we were, pulled over on some dirt road while Espen 'made mud'.

He was so good while we looked at the dresser that when we ran down to QT to get some cash out of the ATM I let him pick out a treat. Espen goes on and on sometimes about wanting to go to Circle K or D's for candy but we hardly ever take him...this time, I told him that he could have any treat that he wanted and he picked his favorite, chocolate milk and an apple, seriously? An apple. All right then Buddy, you get an apple. (I was jumping up and down in my mind with joy, what a good little boy for picking fruit over candy!) I of course got a chocolate covered cherry, yum! 

So, we were done paying for the dresser (well, 1/2 now, half then, and yes I got a receipt and I know where this kid lives...and works, ha!) and on our way home. As I stepped on the gas to hop on the freeway Espen was taking a drink of chocolate milk, the next thing I hear is 'Moooom, look what you did, don't drive like that'. He had chocolate milk ALL OVER HIS FACE, seriously, up to his eyes, all over his cheeks, down his neck. I was cracking up, and am cracking up now just thinking about it. Poor little guy. I love that he told me not to 'drive like that'. haha!  When he handed me the napkin I gave him to wipe his face with it was drenched in milk!

Jeremy had a meeting at work that ran late so I only had to put together something to eat for Espen and I. Easy enough. I was craving fried salami and eggs all day so I fried up some salami and onions, scrambled some eggs, tossed it in a tortilla and voila, super ghetto dinner was served.

{strange picture, I know}

It was SO nice out last night that Espen and I ate on the front porch. We talked about the day and he told me some jokes.

'What did the Tree say to the Mouse? Hey, popcorn, leave me alone, I'm making a drink!'

We laughed about the chocolate milk incident. Espen wasn't really in to eating dinner though, he was itching to play with his new bubble maker that Grandma bought him at Target. This thing is so cool, I'm not sure how or why it works the way it does, but it blows tons of bubbles!

{pantless boy and his bubbles}

I was laughing so hard last night every time Espen would catch a bubble on the wand and say 'look mom, the first living bubble'. What the heck does that mean! hahhaha, but every time it was look at the living bubble. Too funny.

Jeremy got home from his meeting so while he played with Espen I took my bike out for a ride to Fry's to pick up a bottle of wine.  Oh how I love my bike...I don't even mind lugging it up and down stairs every time I want to go for a ride, I love it that much. What I don't love is the people who shop at Fry's. I knew I should've gone the extra mile or so to Safeway. There was a girl in line fully clothed (but not tastefully) except for shoes. Really, you had time to put on PURPLE DRESS SOCKS but not your shoes!! So gross.

It's funny, every time I think about how my day wrapped up so I can finish up writing about it I find that it always ends the same. Well, some details are left out...but basically it goes something like this.

-Cuddle with Espen and tuck him into bed
-30 Min Bike ride/Listen to Norwegian Language lessons (not every night)
-Spend a little time on the computer
-Pour a glass of wine
-Sometimes have a snack
-Watch TV/Movies with Jeremy

That is my official winding down routine. In case anyone cares.

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