Monday, March 22, 2010

garam masala with briyani rice & veggies and a whole lot of nothin'

That's what I remember doing on Saturday.

I wanted to run to the grocery store by myself, but Espen wanted to go with me. I didn't want to take him because I had a lot of weird spices to buy and needed to concentrate, which is hard to do when he is jumping in, on and around the shopping cart (which has a huge fake car in the front for kids to sit in, I'm sure you've seen them). If Espen was going to go with me that meant that Jeremy needed to go as well so we could tag team the situation.

The plan backfired, Espen was all over the place, Jeremy didn't want to be in the store with Espen throwing tantrums so he took him out to the car which meant I was stuck pushing around the huge fake car shopping cart, sans child and looking ever so cool.

In the end I found all of my spices...and Starbucks so I was happy.

We were pretty lazy during the afternoon. Espen spent most of the day playing with his Moonsand. He was excited because I laid a tablecloth on the ground for him to play on instead of being confined to our tiny coffee table. It was surprisingly not messy and super easy to clean up. I love Moonsand.

After laying around the house for a couple of hours I decided it was time to start on the nights dinner. Oh my gosh! This meal was so incredible. I of course have a few things I would tweak but for the most part if you follow the recipe found here and here, you will be in Indian food heaven.

{Yum. Onions, serrano chili pepper, garlic and ground ginger}

{In the pan it goes}

{coriander.cumin.cumin seeds.cayenne pepper.paprika.garam masala.turmeric}

{spices & chickpeas}

On to the rice and vegetables.

{carrots.onions.brocolli.cauliflower plus spices for the rice & veggies}


{on the plate & ready to eat}

It didn't last long. It was so freakin' delicious. I would probably add more tomatoes to the chickpea dish and use a bit less cayenne pepper next time but other than that it was amazing. We ate the leftovers last night in pitas with hummus, SO GOOD!

{buh bye dinner}

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