Monday, March 15, 2010

let's go to the movies

Jeremy called me at work early on Friday to tell me that the Mad Cap Theatre has a Spring Break special for the next two weeks and that one of the movies they are showing is Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory!! I was so excited to hear this and asked if we were going to see it on Saturday to which he replied, 'Well, Espen and I are going to see it at 1:00 today'. What? So not fair. I didn't have anything going on at work so I asked my manager if I could slip out early to catch the movie with Jeremy and Espen and of course she said yes.

We had no idea how many kids, if any, would be at the theatre when we got there. Turns out, no one else was there. We had the entire theatre to ourselves, I felt like we were in Annie!!

Totally empty awesomeness

Espen sat on my lap for half of the movie and I caught myself and Jeremy both dosing off. Matinees are hard to sit through. But we stayed awake and had tons of fun. It was so cool to see Gene Wilder on the big screen.


Even though we stuffed our faces with popcorn during the movie we still wanted to grab a bite to eat so we headed to Bison Witches on Mill. Really, who named this place.


Hello bread bowl filled with Clam Chowder!!


{chasing Espen}

{little mommy legs}

Such a good afternoon off, that is until we got home to find so disappointing news in the mail from ASU. Ah well, what's another year. We've been through worse than this so we'll just keep on keepin' on.

I finished off the night at yoga with Allison, our teacher was such a babe. Al came by for some wine for a bit and Jeremy snuck out to see Evil Dead at the Mad Cap. (he's obsessed) After Allison left I of course stayed up and studied Norwegian (i'm obsessed) till Jeremy got home...så gøy!!

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