Monday, March 15, 2010

apple store & four peaks

On Saturday we headed over to the Apple store at Scottsdale Quarter to finish the last step in fixing my laptop...purchasing a power cable. Easy enough. I was a bit bothered by the lack of customer service we received from the employees at the Apple store, that is, until John came up to me and asked if I needed help. The first thing I said to him was "Oh my God you are the first person to even make eye contact with me since we walked in here! Yes, I need help!' And help me he did. Not only did he confirm that it was the power cable but he cleaned the heck out of my dirty ol' computer, set up my touch pad so that I can just tap on it instead of using the little click bar, which is broken AND he told me that if I take my laptop back in and meet with someone at the Genius Bar they would most likely replace my cracked thingermajig near my keyboard for free...which would also replace my broken clicky bar and the entire top portion that is permanently filthy from my old smoking fingers. He basically saved me $1000 that I don't have for a new laptop. I love John and he loves my computer. Reason number 354 why I love my Mac.

While I was with John, my new best friend, Jeremy was with Espen who made a B-line for the kids video game area. He was glued to Wall-E.
FW: Apple1

So, the Scottsdale Quarter...I understand it is Scottsdale's tax $ answer to Phoenix's Kierland, but seriously, why was it not built in South Scottsdale. Um, hello. Sky song? Totally could have been, should have been the location for Scottsdale Quarter. Lame.

Sorry for the digression.

We were starving by the time we left the Apple store so we headed over to Four Peaks, yum!


As always, the food was DELISH! I had the breakfast burrito, so good. AND, the waitress told me that the Eggs Benedict burger is always available on Sundays. I know where I will be next weekend. That burger is a little slice of heaven drenched in hollandaise.

What came next was a whole lot of napping and late night snacking on my leftovers. Man, I love the weekends.

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