Monday, March 15, 2010

sunday funday

I don't know what it is about Sundays, but I love 'em and this weekend was no exception.

I have no idea how it happened, but we didn't get out of bed till well after 10:30, Espen included. I played on my newly charged laptop while Espen goofed off with his Lego’s and Jeremy edited some music. It was such a nice day out that we knew we wanted to get some sandwiches and head to the park to eat them.

We ended up at DeFalco's for food. Seriously, that place never let's me down. We order the same thing every time and every time it's super good. But then again, how can you mess up copicollo, salami and prosciutto on a crispy baguette...mmmm, I'm drooling.

Espen insisted on getting a pickle...and yoohoo. eww.


{Jeremy and his usual, the Combo}


After we ate Espen worked off his food with about an hour of running around the playground while Jeremy and I people watched and I listened to my Norwegian lessons. Man, was it ever a good day to people watch. One girl was crying her eyes out confessing to some older lady how 'terrible' she feels after 'it' happens, what on earth was she talking about. Then there was the lady who kept calling someone, just to get in an argument with them and tell them 'NEVER CALL ME AGAIN', this happened at least 6 times. Then there was the one lady, with about 8 guys with bedazzled jeans (the guys, not the lady) huddled around the corner of the playground while the lady's daughter (I assume) played on the monkey bars. There were two little girls balancing at the tip top of a dinosaur on a spring that fell at least 4 feet to the ground landing on top of each other right in front of their mom/grandma who's reaction was a nonchalant'oh, what happened'. THEY FELL OFF THE DINASAURS HEAD LADY!! What do you think happened? The list goes on, the people watching was in full swing. I can only imagine what people thought of us. ha!

The weather was perfect for kite flying so we busted out the 4 foot dragon.




Espen did an amazing job flying the kite, holy cow. I was beyond impressed.

How hilarious is Espen. Jeremy was wrapping the string around the kite handle when Espen decided to pretend to be a fish. He attached the little plastic piece at the end of the string to his mouth like a hook and had Jeremy 'reel' him in.


I grabbed him once Jeremy successfully reeled him in and told him I was going to fry him up and eat him, which he thought was pretty funny. Ha.

This was the first Sunday in a while that I didn't get a nap in but that's because I was too busy playing with some new things I got over the weekend.

Photo 1876

{New Paddington Bear book in Norwegian and new hair. ha!}

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