Thursday, March 11, 2010

el bravo

Can we just talk about the amazing hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Phoenix called El Bravo. This place is easy to miss, just north of Northern on 7th street, next to a carpet outlet store. I had a boss that would take me out to lunch there 2 times a week for lunch, it is that good.

The service is kinda so so but, it doesn't matter because the food is delicious.

My lover took me there for lunch today!! Yum yum.

Not only is the Chili Relleno to die for, but the tortillas, oh dios mio, the tortillas are so good, almost like cloth, so soft. Jeremy is a tortilla freak and these are his favorite, I brought him home a bag of a dozen one night, he was in tortilla heaven.

You can't beat the decor in this joint. I mean, come on, some random Magic Eye poster and a wall with a hole in it for a bright fluorescent light! And why not paint a mural of a Mariachi band along one LONG wall.

I am now stuffed like a pepper and feel like one of the Mariachi band members in the mural. It's time for a nap.

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