Monday, March 8, 2010

amie's birthday dinner

My friend Amie's 32nd birthday dinner was on Saturday. She works at Grimaldi's in north Scottsdale so naturally she planned to have her dinner there. Jeremy had a concert to go to so Espen got to tag along with me and his Aunt Allison.

I'm not sure who was more excited, Espen or Allison, about playing with uncooked pizza dough before dinner...and I'm not sure who was more bummed out that the guy wasn't able to cook the dough up after they put their heart and sole in to rolling out perfect dough balls. Well, Allison did at least, Espen just kind of smashed his around, but still had fun with it.


What is this chubby face Espen is making? Too much dough perhaps.

Who are these foxy ladies? Oh, just my foxy friends.
Amie(birthday girl).Jenny.Me.Espen.Allison.Christie
I love these girls, even though I hardly see them anymore

Espen crashed in my lap right when the pizza came, but that didn't stop me from pigging out on a slice or two, their pizza is so good! I may have had a cupcake too, even though I have decided to drastically cut back on the sweet treats.


The weather during the day was so nice, I got dressed up in a little springy skirt, tank top and bright yellow wedges. It ended up kind of chilly since it ended up raining and we were sitting outside. Maybe next time I'll wear jeans or a longer know, to avoid the cold...and also to avoid this!

Hahaha! That is my butt, well, sort of legs/butt, you get the picture. I was cracking up from the imprint that the chair made on my legs and butt, I was calling it skin nets. So gross.

What a fun night. And I have to thank Allison for driving us at the last minute since Big Fancy has taken a turn for the worse. He was picked up this morning from the mechanic, who's shop is now in MESA, ugh, SO FAR. But they were nice enough to send a couple of guys to pick Big Fancy up from our place to save me a trip down there. Fingers crossed that it's nothing major that needs to be repaired.

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Twins & Co. said...

The butt photo cracks me up! Love you, lil lady!