Monday, March 8, 2010

oh what a sunday

Even though it was raining, Sunday ended up being a wonderful day. We all slept in till after 9am, which is just crazy! After doing absolutely nothing around the house for an hour we realized that our friend's daughter's birthday party was from 11-2, oh man, we were going to be LATE.

I was still in spring mode from the night before, despite the chilly temperatures. So I through on a little skirt with a sweater and pretended that we lived in Europe where it rains a lot and where I would be totally used to the weather so skirts in the rain would be a normal thing. (Right?) I was a bit cold, but looked cute. The party was supposed to be at the park but that surely was not happening since it was pouring down rain. Instead, we arrived at the Grandparent's house for the birthday festivities.


Espen the Kitty


We spent pretty much the entire time in the garage blowing bubbles and playing with trucks. I may have tossed back a glass of wine and nibbled on some BBQ potato chips, yum!


Oh ya, and maybe we ate some pink castle cake. Espen was a bit shy around all of the ladies so he asked me to sit with him on the carpet along with the other kiddos.


Here's another inspirationalgroup of pictures for our Christmas card this year. I almost died when I saw the picture of Jeremy. He said that he kept his eyes opened wide while I took it, that's why his eyes look crazy. I made him take one of me and somehow, I'm not sure how, I got Espen to do the same. Hilarious!


We were hungry after the party so we drove around thinking of places to eat. Four Peaks looked crowded, Tempe Market place looked, well, like Tempe Market Place ugh, everything we passed was a no-go. We got all the way to Indian School Road without deciding on something. Just as I mention Cafe Carumba Jeremy tells me that's where he was heading. I LOVE CAFE CARUMBA.

Seriously, Cafe Carumba never let's us down. They are kid friendly, the waiter(s) (we always get the same one) are super nice and the food, oh my gosh, so delish!


We usually go there for breakfast but by the time we got there they were serving lunch which was fine with me, their lunch menu looked incredible.

We started off with drinks, a Four Peaks Hefe for Jeremy and a Cafe Borgia for me...with whip cream for Espen. If the cup looks huge, that's because it was.



Espen had a turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries and I had an amazing salad with raspberry chipotle chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato & goat cheese. Oh my.



Our friends really enjoyed a good sword fight while we enjoyed our lunch.


...and Jeremy & Espen had fun making a menu into a paper plane.


It's a good thing that the day was so much fun because I was really bummed out that I didn't get to ride my new bike. I finally got one after wanting one since we moved to the Bon Vie but all I could do with it on Sunday was stare at it locked up. So sad.


What a day, what a day!

***One of my favorite moments of the day was when Jeremy told me that I had HUGE peice of lettuce on my tooth. Finally! Finally, he pointed something out like food in my teeth or mascara under my eye before I had the chance to smile at the waiter and make a goof of myself. Finally!

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Where is the bike weather?! For real...this weather is bumming me out!