Thursday, February 18, 2010

what color is your hair today?

For years now my dad and I have started off our phone conversations the following way:

Paul: Hello, this is Paul
Me: Hello Paul, it's your daughter
Paul: Oh hello daughter, what color is your hair today?

There is a reason why he asks me that, and the proof can be found in this pretty amusing slideshow I put together for a couple of friends back in Sept. '08.

The slideshow consists of pictures of me between 9/06-9/08. It's obvious I can't seem to make up my mind on what color hair I want and that is still true today. In the summer of '09 I dyed my blonde hairs dark brown again and have since been making the transition back to the opposite side of my hair color spectrum. I have an appointment this evening with the best colorist ever, she's been bringing me back to blonde for almost 4 years now...and tonight, she will do it again.

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