Wednesday, February 17, 2010

small spaces

...alright, here are a few more photos of rooms featured on AT home tours that I completely fell in love with.


Would it be weird to put up some molding around our living room, I know the building was built in the 60's in AZ, so what, wainscoting and molding wasn't used back then? I just love how the mantle and chair rail along the wall make little shelves for tiny treasures.


Who wouldn't be jealous of this warm wood dresser, ugh it's beautiful! And is that a freakin' fox figurine made with real animal fur, be still my heart. I have some buddies he could play with. The tall bevel edge mirror takes the look one step further, so lovely, timeless.

See more photos here.


I can't even get the words out clearly about this home. The woody chunk of a table, the light from the doors, the nook for the computer desk, the couch, oh the COUCH. How lucky are they to have been given that couch as a hand me down. Hmpf. My favorite item in the room has got to be the rug. The color, tone, the image. It's perfect...perfect for our living room, don't you think.


Now, I have already found online a futon similar to the one in this photo and have also informed Jeremy over lunch that we will need to replace our perfectly good couch with said found futon immediately. To which he shook his head no, but I pretended not to see. The print on the mattress cover is playful (if that makes sense) but I think I would get sick of the pattern way too quickly, I mean, I buy countless bed linens and comforters, I can never make up my mind on prints or patterns much like wallpaper.


Speaking of wallpaper, the tub and tile on the floor are obviously amazing, but what I love love love is the Julia Rothman wallpaper. In excess the wallpaper can be overkill, even the bright green can be too daring, but up against the grey in the design and playing off the black bottom of the tub and bright white tiles it works wonderfully.

See more photos here.


Speaking of Julia Rothman, how much fun are her designs and illustrations.

Here's a few more for you...enjoy.



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