Thursday, February 18, 2010

shooshee aka sushi night

Just like Tuesdays Jeremy teaches late on Wednesdays so I try to make dinner a bit more fun, like mommy/son date night, with Espen. When I picked Espen up yesterday I ended up staying there longer than usual to chit chat with my mom and seester. So on the ride home, when Espen and I were discussing dinner I was thinking about take out as opposed to cooking since I had no clue what if anything was in the fridge. My first thought was Arby's, because I am a sucker for Arby's. (I'm thinking Arby's is one of the best slogans EVER as I am often 'thinkin' Arby's') but we made a right on Goldwater and were heading towards Tokyo Express. Wahoo, cheap sushi night sounded perfect!

Completely random side note: There is a young girl who works there, she is a complete Twilight, Sci-Fi, Japanamation NERD! I'm not judging her, I have had countless conversations with her over the past 2 years (seriously) about these topics. She is always super chipper and gives Espen cookies. Espen was even in the back of the car asking if he could say hi to her and get some cookies. Not this time, she looked sad, out of it. It was a major bummer, I had to ask for cookies. I love this little girl. I almost said something to her but didn't want to pry. Well, I hope she's okay.


Espen took this picture of me dishing out the meal. I thought it was kind of interesting. Little buddy perspective.


Espen's best attempt at a serious smile. I feel like my dad every time I tell Espen to 'smile normal', I should probably break that habit now. Not Espen's habit, mine.


Ah, my set up, complete with a couple of sauces for heavy dipping. I even get an extra Ginger Dressing for me to sip on, sometimes in the car if I am starving. Jeremy tells me that food is just a vehicle for sauces for me.

Espen cleared his plate, I wasn't sure if he really enjoyed 'shooshe' or if it's because I put a timer on and told him if he didn't eat all his food he wouldn't get Chocolate Milk and a slice of Candied Apple for desert. I think he just really loves sushi. ha.

While I was cleaning up I could hear a faint sound coming from the bedroom. 'Mommmmy, mommmmmmmy'. I thought Espen was maybe hiding from me in the closet but when I walked in the room the closet door was open. I could hear him giggling and then voila, out of a cabinet popped the little Houdini. How he can fit in that little area is beyond me. He thought it was hilarious, so did I.


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