Friday, February 19, 2010

having a blonde moment and an ode to male figure skaters

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Bye bye roots, hello blonde. Don't I look happy in this picture? Maybe a little grumpy, it was 7:30 in the morning, but the morning gloom faded away when I pulled into the McDonald's drive through for a breakfast burrito and iced coffee, so fancy. ha!

My colorist and I decided on something a little different than what she normally does and this is definitely the way to go. Just a quick 'mini partial' (I guess that's even less than a partial?) did the trick and for half the cost of what I normally get done. I was there for a fraction of the time which meant I had plenty of time to hang out with Espen before he crashed out watching the woman's half pipe with us. During each run he would stand up and slowly spin around, moving his arms up and down and then he'd bend over or roll onto the bed all while whispering the names of the 'moves' he was doing. He was acting out snowboarding. So hilarious.

Jeremy & I snuck in an episode of House before returning to the Olympics, this time for the men's free skate. Oh my god. These dudes are amazing. Their costumes had Jeremy and I cracking up. The men are so serious but they are dashing around wearing more jewels and Lycra than I ever have, or will, it's a riot. My favorite costumes so far were actually worn by a pair of skaters, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, the harlequin clowns (which I have seen everywhere lately).

Then there was Evan Lysacek. His snake outfit was incredible. Vera Wang? Amazing. Just like his routine. Although I was expecting Snake in the Grass to start playing and for Evan to bust out some sweet Bob Fosse type moves.

APTOPIX Vancouver Olympics Figure Skating

This costume is equally as creepy and awesome at the same time.


I couldn't stop myself from laughing watching his reaction when he realized he won the Gold. It wasn't like a 'thank you Jesus' moment, it was a cracking up 'is the score board kidding?' moment. He and his coaches were just laughing, it was rad.

Speaking of rad, how rad is it that it's the weekend! The only thing I have planned is Yoga tonight. The rest we'll make up as we go.

I'm fairly certain that we will be doing a bit of this over the weekend.


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