Friday, February 19, 2010

looks i like for spring

Seriously, I am so sick of Winter & you can hardly call Arizona's version of Winter, Winter, but I am still sick of it. With the cold weather and lack of sun has come dark un-motivating mornings and an extra 5 pounds.

I got in my car the other day when it was 76 out and for a minute I imagined it when its 110 out and your face feels like it's going to melt away. Sounds terrible? Not at all, what it reminds me of is that I can sit in a pool every weekend and get some sun on my pale glowing skin.

I'm hoping it will be like a domino effect. 1st comes warmer weather, which means I'll need to be in a swim suit soon and more sun means getting up early, both of which will lead to exercise and eating better, which means I'll look cute in all of the fabulous Spring/Summer outfits that are hitting the stores. Oh, and somewhere in there something needs to lead to more cash flow so I can purchase fabulous Spring/Summer clothes.


These are all from J. Crew, F21, Boden, Anthropologie & the Limited. Pretty reasonably priced to begin with, but I'll have to be sure to keep an eye out for when they go on sale.

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