Monday, February 22, 2010

No plans for the weekend kind of weekend

Friday night's yoga class was amazing, again. I'd say half of the class went up to Laura, the teacher, after the class was over to thank her for such a wonderful class, me included. I even told the guys who run Club Sar to NEVER EVER let her go.

We didn't do much on Friday night. Espen stayed up with us while we watched some Alpine Skiing. Those guys are crazy! It was kind of hard not to fall in love with the Norwegian, Aksel Svindal, such a babe and an incredible story.

Jeremy has been trying to get me to watch the movie Blow for a while now so we poured some wine and settled in for movie. We had watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape the other night and man, both of these movies were so depressing. Blow was good, it was a sad, sad story and a true one which makes it even more of a bummer, but it was entertaining. I loved Johnny Depp’s hair in the movie, particularly when he was in the courtroom in Chicago. Not to mention his black trench coat with the color popped up, I loved it!


This whole weekend was pretty much a lazy blur. I had the best intentions of getting out of the house, but then came the rain. Ugh. There goes a walk around Civic Center or a bike ride to the park!

The morning started off quite nice, Jeremy was up before me and had coffee waiting for me when I finally decided to roll out of bed. While I was asleep and Jeremy was making coffee, Espen decided to take all of the pillows off of the couch to help make the walls of his 'corral'. He made me lay in it and pretend to be a 'mommy pig with pink skin'. Too funny. This was the only photo I could get of the corral, Espen's the blurry thing in the middle.
weekend 2/20-2/21

My mom brought me down an iron skillet this week, so once again I was determined to get this puff pancake recipe to work.


I decided to make some potatoes as well but before I knew it, Jeremy took over that pan. Man, he makes some delicious home style potatoes, secret weapon-cheese.

At some point during the day, Espen and I ended up taking a break from Astro Boy & the Olympics to draw some pictures. I could not believe what I was watching, he was actually drawing faces, bodies, hands and feet. Incredible. What a talented boy. :)


Okay, so this was something I drew. Bugs.

Now, onto Espen's creations.




It wasn't until late at night that we finally made a trip to the store for Sunday's Crock Pot fixin's.

We sent Espen in with the list while we waited in the car. (and I know that I spell 'towels' wrong, always have)


Ya right! How cute are the little shopping carts at Trader Joes. They just opened the remodeled section of their store, it's SO nice and open!

We were so tired by the time that we were heading home that neither one of us wanted to cook, so off to Los Beto’s we went for some greasy Mexican food. Delicious.


After Espen went to sleep we ended up watching 5 episodes of The Deep End. Is anyone else watching this show? It's actually pretty good. I mean, it kept our interest for 5 episodes, so it must be good, right? I was teasing Jeremy that his life is going to be just like the kids on this show in a few years, hustlin' in a fancy law firm.

I think it's safe to say that Friday and Saturday were probably the laziest days we've had in a while. That is, until Sunday.

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Friday yoga is good at Club SAR? I'll have to join you!!!