Monday, February 22, 2010

lazy weekend pt. 2

Sunday was an awful lot like Saturday. The weather was crappy and all I wanted to do was go play outside. Instead we stayed indoors most of the day, in and out of bed, watching the Olympics, spying on our new downstairs neighbors, chopping up veggies for the crock pot and coloring my hair.

Oh ya, in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday I ran over to Toni & Guy to have Christina fix a couple of stripes I found in the middle of my head and also to fix a couple of streaks in my bangs. I was in and out and the streaks were gone but the process left my hair a bit on the BRIGHT LIGHT BLONDE side, not quite the look I was going for but, nothing a box of toner from CVS couldn't fix. 15 minutes later, and bam, buttery blonde perfection. I kept pulling Espen's face up to mine to show Jeremy that Espen and I are little blonde twins again.

Here's a before and after:

There are 2 things wrong with the picture on the left. One is obviously the color of my hair, kind of yellow, right? But please note under my eyes. While cutting onions for dinner my eyes began to tear up, thus leading to my mascara irritating my eyes. I rubbed a towel against my watering eyes yelling 'make it stop, make it stop' and you know what, it stopped. What I did not know is that for about an hour I had mascara smudged underneath my eye. When I finally saw myself in the mirror I was shocked! I ran out to Jeremy, pointing at my eyes, 'Babe, seriously, this whole time you've been talking to me you haven't once said to go fix my face!' He said he didn't notice. What the heck is he looking at? How could you NOT notice. Haha! There you have it, the picture on the right is me sans smudgy makeup and yellowy hair, not bad.

So, speaking of cutting onions, I was cutting onions, celery and other veggies for the Weight Watchers Hamburger cassarole recipe I found at LaaLoosh.



It was okay, it was definitely hearty like the description says, but I would probably either leave out the potatoes or add some sort of chili pepper, it was a bit bland. I added salsa and cheese to mine and ate it with BBQ sauce today for lunch. I did skip the part of the instructions that says to spray the crock pot with cooking spray and now we have a crock pot soaking in the sink, hopefully it will clean up oaky with a bit of (Jeremy's) elbow grease.

Espen was in full on entertainment mode all day. I could here him making a ruckus in the bedroom and when we went in to see what he was up to we found this.


How hilarious is this? He said his shark flip flops were tap shoes and he was dancing and squealing with his guitar. I need to edit the footage we got of him and upload it to show off his impressive dance moves.

Later that night he came running into the bedroom with 3D glasses on and a camera to take his own pictures. He was singing his own lyrics to the Spiderman TV show theme song, Jeremy and I were dying! Doesn't he look like the old guy from UP!



When he wasn't goofing off Espen was playing with one of the best, time consuming, easy to clean, fun and creative toys that we have around the house, Moon Sand. I think he spent a good 2-3 hours squishing, building, molding and playing with this stuff. If you have kiddos, you need Moon Sand.


What a wonderful weekend! I would have liked to have seen less rain and more sunshine, but in the meantime this will do.