Tuesday, February 23, 2010

out on a school night

Well, I was really the only one who had to wake up early the next morning since Tricia & George are both visiting from out of town and Jeremy doesn't work till late in the day.

We headed over to Tricia's last night to have dinner with her and her adorable son, Jack. He's 7 months old and freakin' cute. When we got there Tricia had just put him in his high chair so he was a tiny bit upset but Espen cheered him up with a quick game of peek-a-boo.


It is so much fun to see Tricia when she's in town and its SO much fun to see her in mom mode.


These guys have been friends since high school and I bet back then they never would've thought that they'd be watching a video of Tricia's son crawling for the first time.


Tricia always has the best snacks for us when we come over. Brie, which Espen said tasted 'icky' and tomato with fresh mozzarella, melon wrapped in prosciutto and PIZZA!


I love when people are in town to visit and this time was no exception, it was so nice staying up late with old friends. Tricia is here for a month, so there will be more Tricia and Jack fun times to be had.


What do you think about this, inspiration for this years Christmas card?

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