Thursday, February 4, 2010

um, what's for dinner?

Well, I am not quite sure. It was supposed to be Lemon Spaghetti
and my spin on Flounder Francese(I make it with Tilapia). Probably one of my favorite meals to make. But tonight, after I had started cooking up the cream, garlic and oil I realized I didn't have one of the key ingredients for the spaghetti sauce. Parmigiano Reggiano!! So what did I do? I improvised! It's what I do best when it comes to cooking.
'Just add cheddar cheese', I thought, crisis averted. Looks pretty gross, right? Well sure, but I just think it was because if you REALLY think about it, ingredients like Lemons and Cheddar Cheese don't normally go hand in hand on the plate. Naturally, I thought it was super delicious. Like a tart mac n' cheese.

While the 'experimental' sauce was cooking I tossed the Tilapia in a frying pan with some oil, lemon, salt and pepper, flipping it half way through. When the fish was done I set it on a paper towel and then onto a new plate so I could shred it a bit before topping the noodles with it.
Once the sauce was thick enough and the spaghetti was al dente. I plated it and served it up to my 3.5 year old food critic.
I thought it even looked pretty good, but Espen hardly touched it. Jeremy wouldn't even touch the left overs. Oh well, their loss, my gain...but I probably won't be making it again.

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