Friday, February 26, 2010

easy to please

Jeremy knows how to keep me happy and I think I am pretty easy to please.


Syrah + Gjetost = a smile on my face

Speaking of smiles on my face, how cute is this picture of Espen at the pet shop. His face kills me. I'm so happy it's the weekend so I can have fun with this little guy.


Speaking of the weekend, it's Friday night and we should have a fun time tonight. Me and my lady friends are going to do some yoga, then afterwards head back to our place to change so we can walk across the street and stuff our faces at Los Olivos. So good!

I'm looking forward to making cake balls and hanging out with my family and I'm also looking forward to cleaning our home, it's a bit on the messy doesn't take much to make 600 sq ft messy, so clean up should be a piece of cake balls. HA!

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