Saturday, February 27, 2010

fabulous friday


Friday night was amazing. Allison & I went to yoga after work and again I had a great time in class. Oh how I love Laura. By the time I got home Tricia, Michelle and there boys had just arrived. We were all starving so after waiting 15 minutes for me to find something to wear we walked over to Los Olivos. There were 6 of us and 3 kids (under 4) but the host sat us in the bar area. We sat at a crappy black table with basically metal folding chairs surrounded by cougars and gross dudes. We were cracking up, why would they sit us there?? I asked the host if we could maybe sit in the restaurant side and he said 'Oh ya, of course, follow me.', like it was no big deal. Duh dude, you should have sat us there first. Ha.


It did not take long before 2 pitchers of margaritas hit our table followed by oh so yummy plates of fajitas, enchiladas and my favorite, chili relleno.





I swear Tricia was at dinner with us but every picture I have of her is the side or back of her head, damn it. And although I didn't have any pictures of her I did get some good ones of her beautiful little son, Jack. He is unbelievably cute.


Espen didn't last very long, it was super late so I am not surprised that he fell asleep in a really loud room filled with strangers yapping away, but that's okay, we all love to cuddle with him.



{he loves his Aunt Allison}

I think it was about 10:30 by the time we got home and that was it for me. Espen & I both crashed within 10 minutes of being home. What a wonderful night.

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