Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend update

Espen and I went to the Boys & Girls Club on Friday night. The staff was presenting their annual Handsie Awards. This is also the night that they show all of the members and their parents the films that the kids have worked on all year, with Jeremy's help. We ate our weight in nachos from the 'nacho bar' and Espen ran around the gym like the big kids. I took 50 pictures of him running around but they are all just a huge blur. This is one of the only pictures I was able to get and I was basically holding him still.

2010-05-07 20.03.00.jpg

Espen and I left while Jeremy helped clean up after the event. I ran out of gas while making a left turn in a busy intersection, rad. Jeremy saw us stranded at the corner and made the run up the street to get me enough gas to get safely to a gas station instead of me having to wait for AAA. My hero!

Saturday was a busy day. Jenny H. picked me up at 8:30 and let me tag along while she showed houses to a couple that she's working with. That went till about 2:30 or so which gave us just enough time to go to the mall for an ultra classy lunch and a little bit of time for Espen to run around the kids play area. We were dead tired so we went back home to cat nap for 30 minutes before we had to head to Jeremy's parents for dinner. Our 30 minute cat nap turned into an hour and a half crash out. We were supposed to be at Jeremy's parents by 6 but ended up waking up at 6. By the time we got up there we had to eat and run to make it to the MADCAP in time to see the Room! We run up the stairs at the theater realizing half way up how hot it was in there...apparently their AC broke in the lobby. Jeremy asks for two tickets to the Room to which the guy behind the counter says 'Sold Out, man'. WHAT? I immediately began the parental guilt trip telling him that we paid for a baby sitter in North Phoenix. I also went over to the cute pregnant girl who worked there, playing up the mom factor yet again to see if there was anything she could do to help. The next thing you know, we were given our drinks for free because we had to wait in the hot lobby AND they let us sit in the far back in a couple of barstools they brought in from the lobby. So sweet. The movie was terrible, the actress from the film was there which definitely upped the laugh factor. Our date night totally worked out!

The next day was Mother's day. I got breakfast in bed and some cake balls delivered by Allison and Eb. (which I am going to eat right now as a matter of fact) I didn't do anything all day long. I felt bad actually, like we should have gone out and enjoyed the afternoon, but I couldn't move, I just sat around the house. I guess it's just what I needed. We have a busy weekend ahead of us with our trip to LA so maybe it's a good thing I took it easy on Sunday.

2010-05-09 11.01.50.jpg

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