Friday, May 21, 2010


We recently took a trip out to California and a trip to California wouldn't be complete without a visit with our friends Marc, Busy and their beautiful daughter Birdie.

Espen had a blast at their place, Marc's old office has been converted into a playroom which Espen spent pretty much the entire night playing in.

I snapped this cute picture of him hamming it up for the camera.


Espen certainly looks adorable in this picture but seriously, my favorite thing about this photo is the wallpaper in the background. From a far it looks like a lovely toile, one that might possibly original in the home but take a closer look and the those lovely vignettes turn out to be something quite the contrary but oh so genius!

Wait, are those to guys on a park bench drinking 40's out of paper bags? Why yes they are.


And yes, that's a guy mugging a woman at gunpoint and a bag lady with her dog...



Is that not the most amazing tongue in cheek design element you have ever seen in a home, and in such a beautiful home at that. It just kills me every time I see it or think about it. The scenes are actually scenes of London from design studio Timorous Beasties. Simply amazing.

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