Tuesday, March 30, 2010

more cake balls

When my parents invited us up for the annual Ravioli eating contest on Palm Sunday there was no way we could say no. My mom and I were talking on the phone and she was explaining to me all that she needed to buy and do in order to make the raviolis and then mentions that she isn't sure what to make for dessert! I couldn't very well expect her to cook ravioli and prepare a dessert. I made raviolis one year, I was 4 months pregnant and it was awful. I don't know how my mom does it, and I know it sounds awful but I am not ready to offer to take over the making and baking of the raviolis. Well, shoot, maybe next year.

In the mean time, I have no problem preparing these little goodies. When my mom brought up dessert, the first thing I thought of were Cake Balls so through out the day on Saturday I made them. I like that you can start and stop through out the day, it doesn't really matter how long you wait in between baking, adding icing, balling, cooling and rolling in the chocolate.

Espen was in my face every step of the way. 'Mom can I lick the spoon, Mom, Mom, can I lick the spoon???' I of course completely caved at his requests. What kind of party pooper mom won't let their kid have at the fingerlicking fun of the last bits of cake mix.



{a happy puppy}

A couple of licks of the batter just isn't enough. Once the batter is in the pan the real fun begins.



I tried to experiment a little bit with color this time. I used both milk and white chocolate but half way through the batch of white I thought I'd add some color to it. I ended up scorching most of the colored chocolate but got a few cute ones made before giving up. Espen helped me decorate them with sprinkles. They turned out super cute and SUPER delish!

{pretty cake balls}
{yummy cake balls}

Such a fun sweet treat to make and I think there were only a dozen or so left of the 50 that I made. Ha!

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Twins & Co. said...

I need to commission you to make vegan cake balls for my photo shoot! I need aqua, yellow and white! I wonder how I can make the frosting vegan?!