Monday, March 29, 2010

girls night

On Friday, a few of us ladies got together for dinner and drinks. We met at my place and walked to one of my Civic Center favorites, AZ88.  The events that brought us all together were a bit of the good with the bad, but who else are you going to turn to in good times or in bad but your girlfriends.

{allison, june (june's bun in the oven, jenny and our drinks}

{french 75, June & a virgin Pina Colada}

In 11 years I have only had one item on the menu at AZ88 (except for the Nachos, but those have long since disappeared from the menu), I'm talking about the Burger Las Brisas. Oh my, it's one of my favorite burgers ever. Monterey jack cheese, avacado, salsa...$11, worth every spicy penny.

{the Burger Las Brisas}
{in burger heaven}
{washing the burger down...with buffalo blue cheese dressing}
{mmm, leftovers. Equally as good the next morning for breakfast}

We all new we wanted dessert but which one, now that's a different story. So, we decided on three to share. Strawberry Shortcake, The Golden Gate which was butter rum cake topped with Häagen Dazs vanilla ice cream,
real butterscotch and whipped cream and Key Lime Tart. We had a nice little system down, take a bite, pass the plate. It worked really well. Allison was out first, then June tapped out leaving Christie and I to finish it off. I couldn't hang but Christie, the sweet toothed champ that she is killed it.

{strawberry shortcake}
[key lime tart}
{the Golden Gate}
{going, going}

After dinner Ellie & June came back to our place till the wee hours. Jeremy woke up and kept us company. Not sure how it happens but we went from babies, pregnancy and deliveries to school and photography and jobs to watching youtube videos of people popping 5 year old pimples. It was SUCH a fun night! Definitely something that needs to happen more often.

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Twins & Co. said...

I had some much fun hanging with the ladies!