Wednesday, March 17, 2010

carlsbad tavern.

Tricia, Patrick and little man Jackson met us at our place last night, we packed up the boys in their strollers and headed down the green belt to grab a bite to eat at Carlsbad Tavern.


It's definitely the time of year to take advantage of walks around town before it gets too hot, even at 10 at night. Tricia and I especially liked the idea of walking off our meal after dinner since Carlsbad Tavern serves up definite belly filler-uppers.



If you haven't eaten at Carlsbad Tavern on Osborn and Hayden you have no IDEA what you are missing. The food there is SO good! Obviously it is New Mexican cuisine, green chili’s run rampant on the menu and there is no shortage of seafood and delicious meat dishes.

Our dinner was awesome aside from the super crabby waiter. When I told him I wanted a glass of red wine he grabbed the drink menu, shoved it in my face and didn't utter a word, not a 'oh, would you like a merlot or pinot noir?' or a 'Please, take a look at the drink menu, our *insert red wine* is excellent'. Instead I got NOTHIN' He just stared at me, I had to tell him to come back to me or he would've glared at me all night, jerk) \

But luckily the food made up for his crappy service.

{Holy Yummy!! Crab Stuffed Pablano!}

...and just like the last time we saw Tricia I was unable to capture her on film. She likened herself to the elusive Chupacabra. Hilarious!



After our walk back home we said good night and good bye to Tricia & Patrick and went upstairs.

Jeremy was in full on survival gear mode when we got upstairs because his beloved MREs arrived. We now have 12 ready to eat meals in case, well...just in case.


We watched Pacific last night. Again another amazing HBO mini-series. If you haven't seen Band of Brothers you must immediately and if you aren’t already, watch Pacific.

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