Thursday, February 11, 2010

a very busy day

Jeremy & I both decided to take the afternoon off so we could spend some extra time with Espen. We had a very busy day.

First, we had to grab some groceries.


Then off to the car wash.


We had to stop by a constructions site...and act like statues.


The building was really coming along, so we had to paint a few walls pink!


By this time we were pretty hungry, Espen & Jeremy had Pizza


I ate a burrito. Yum.


The sun was setting, it was getting dark. So we headed home.


Did I mention we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum?

What an amazing museum and the boys are at such a good age to go and really enjoy everything it has to offer, then again, I'm at a good age too!


I made that mouse. I am very proud of him. He existed for mere seconds, Espen immediately swiped him away. I'll never forget you little mouse.


The tubes in this photo had a high powered fan pushing air through it, you had to stuff these little yarn balls in one end and then they would shoot out another. It was hilarious, especially when unsuspecting people would walk by and get bopped in the head by a flying yarn ball!

We can't get enough of the Children's Museum and really need to take advantage of it more often.

p.s. Thanks to my mom for getting us in.

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