Thursday, February 11, 2010

something new on tuesdays

There's been a little rearranging with the scheduling when it comes to watching Espen. Now my mom comes to our place and has one on one time with Espen and my sister can enjoy quiet time with her boys.

I love this idea. My mom is so amazing, she has always been actively involved in our son's lives. Not in an overbearing, opinionated Grandma sort of way, but in a drives 1.5 hours to and from her home 3 times a week to help me out and to spend time with the boys kind of way. I almost think she likes them more than she liked my seester and I when we were little. (is that true, mama?) *wink wink*

Now, when I come home on Tuesdays Espen is there with some sort of craft that he and my mom created. When I got home this past Tuesday I found Espen waiting in the bedroom so he could show me his 'Museum'. He set up his Lego's to look like statues in an exhibit, I was impressed. I asked him to stand like a statue(this is one of the only ways to get a non-blurry picture of him) with his Lego's. This is what I got.

Take 2- At least we can see the Lego's in this one.


Take 3- Finally I had to remove Espen from the shot all together.


Next, he took me out to the living room to show me his drawings that he and my mom made, one had Humpty Dumpty, one had a horse in a corral and one had a heart. When my mom left Espen decided to turn the pictures into Valentine. I thought we had glitter in the Arts & Crafts bag from my mom but I couldn't find them, but we did have sprinkles for cupcakes! They worked just fine.



I can't wait for next Tuesday.

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