Monday, February 8, 2010

parent & child yoga -i love mornings like this

We all woke up around 8:30 on Saturday with just enough time to make pancakes and relax before Espen and I headed out to Desert Song to meet Kate and Stefan for Parent & Child yoga.

There were plenty of kids in the class today, Espen and Stef were the oldest and there were a few adorable little girls this time. Espen had a blast as usual and it was so much fun to see Stefan rolling around the room. My eyes were constantly shifting from Espen to Stef, they were the cutest little dudes there, they both had orange shirts on and looked like the best of friends. Kate and I were thrilled that they got along together so well.

After class we went to Chipotle. As we were waiting in line to order the boys walked over to a couple of low chairs, got settled in and got right to talking about their toys, Espen had a dragon and Stefan had an airplane.

Yoga Saturday @ Chipotle

We took the boys outside to eat and they more or less did...but really spent the majority of the time placing food along the railing for the Burwdy Birwds and talking about the bird poop (rice & beans) that they were eating.

FW: Super fun morning with Kate & Stef. Yoga, chipotle & a McD's play place pit stop.

After we ate we still wanted the kids to have a chance to play together and since we couldn't think of any parks nearby we decided to run across the street guessed it, McDonald's! This place was packed today, but oh my, the boys had so much fun together. It's no surprise that these boys were Wombies, but then again, their mom's were Roomies so naturally they should get along, right? Kate and I couldn't believe how well they got along and just how hilarious and fun loving these two little boys are.

After kiddie cones and about an hour of running around we called it a day. The boys were not too pleased, Espen cried almost the whole ride home, that is until he fell asleep. When we got home I woke him up and it was as if he never went to sleep, he started right back up with the crying, asking to go back to the play place. I guess he too had a wonderful morning like me, I just don't cry about it.

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