Monday, February 8, 2010

how was your sunday?

For Espen it was just a typical day as a 3 year old. What day in the life of a 3 year old wouldn't be complete with out painting and time-out.

Espen was painting pictures of Sponge Bob and asked me to help him. It felt good explaining to him how to use the paints, not to mix them in their container, but how he can mix them on paper. Its been years, um, maybe 10-12 since I've painted anything that wasn't a wall in our house. I grabbed a piece of paper, sketched a strange owl and off I went, crouched down on the coffee table with Espen, I began to paint. I forgot how much fun it is, his paints were like water colors and I pretended to be my Grandma who was an amazing artist, especially with water colors. Jeremy grabbed some charcoal and drew 'a tree', telling us the whole time, I'm a photographer, not an artist. Ha. I thought our pictures all turned out very nice...I'd still like to finish my owl, but at the time the construction paper was turning to mush.

sunday morning art

I'm not sure what started it all but at some point Espen did something to end up in time-out, although the way he is laying down looks quite relaxing, maybe I should start giving myself time-outs.
sunday morning time out

We watched the Super Bowl at Jeremy's parents house. I'm not a huge fan of football but I am a huge fan of blocks of cream cheese smothered in raspberry chipotle sauce, which has become a staple at Grandpa Joe and Grandma Cathy's.


Yep, that was before I had any and after I ate almost the entire thing. What I didn't get a picture of was block number 2 that was put out and the major dent I made in it, or the gigantic chocolate cake that we ate. And I wonder why my skirt doesn't fit this morning.

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