Monday, August 29, 2011

the kid is in kindergarten

Espen's first day of kindergarten was a few weeks ago and this year was so much different then last year when he started pre-k at his school and I'm not just talking about Espen's hair. It was still exciting and 'new' but Espen was like a whole new kid. Last year his teacher had to coax him to her side and he looked a bit terrified, this year it was like 'see ya, I got this under control, been there done that'.

He settled right in, with his buddies from last year and that was it.  He's been having a great time so far, he and I talk and talk and talk about what they did all day, who he sat with at lunch, how was p.e., art, what songs did he learn. It's amazing.

On Sunday night, for Espen's last night of Summer we went out for a little celebratory fro-yo!










This guy was next in line to start school. Jeremy started at Phoenix Law this year and we couldn't be more happy and proud of him. xoxo lover.

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