Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Word on the street was that some guy was going to kick my ass for some reason, I'm really not sure why, something to do with a house I was buying or renting. All I wanted to do was pick up the phone and dial 911 but every phone I touched had something wrong with it. All of my friends were sitting outside while this guy threatened me. I watched him take 2 metal chairs, bend them around and with fishing line he strapped a girl into them while he and his friends used her like a jumping rope.

The guy finally pegged me in a bedroom and began to pummel me. Flipping me up in the air, tossing me to my back, kicking me and hurling me across the room. It wasn't until he was done that I finally got a phone to work but it was a struggle to punch in 911, the number were jumbled, the phone was slippery. I had Espen clutched in my arms while the maniac guy screamed at me in the living room but I could see the police out the window with a mass of civilians behind him to help me out. As the police officer got closer I could see that he wasn't an actual cop, his vest had some emblem on it with the words Public Defenders Killing Squad, or something like that. All of a sudden the civilians that I thought were there to help turned out to be with the maniac and the man on the killing squad turned around and opened fire on them all with some high powered automatic rifle type thing. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM, loud but muffled. He burst through the door and I thought I was safe until he pointed the gun at me and Espen. I buried Espen's head into my chest and yelled at the guy, 'STOP, I CALLED YOU!! DON'T HURT US, NOT MY SON!!' He laughed so hard and told me that as part of the killing squad he gets to take out whom ever he wants after he takes down the 'bad guys' and said if I wanted him to save me and Espen I'd have to help him 'satisfy his urge to kill' and he pulled us outside where ALL of the people I love were hanging out enjoying the afternoon.

For some reason the man from the killing squad has a change of heart, so to speak. Instead of killing people he tells me he just wants to 'play' with them. I see him lock eyes on Allison. Allison, EB, Jeremy & Espen are the only people who I can really make out, but I 'know' everyone else I love is there too. He asks Allison to hold out her hand and between her thumb and pointer finger is a web...like a duck. There is something shiny on it, like a silver target and just like that, BAM, he shoots her in the webbed part of the hand and then BAM BAM with the same muffled sound he starts shooting at peoples feet, grazing peoples ears, watching and laughing as everyone hops around the yard, I couldn't bare the sight and sound so I buried my face in Espen's hair and just like that the BAM BAM BAM changes to a BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ and thankfully it was the sound of my alarm clock waking me up from this horrible dream.

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